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Postdoc Academy

About the Postdoc Academy

Create a rewarding postdoc experience that will launch you into your chosen career path by developing strategies and skills to successfully navigate your time as a postdoc. 

The Postdoc Academy is a comprehensive online and in-person program built on the National Postdoctoral Association core competencies to support skill development throughout postdoc training, from orientation to the next career steps. This 5-week course provides flexible professional development. Postdocs worldwide can participate entirely online, or join a blended (online with in-person meetings) learning community. This course is free with an option to add a verified certificate for $49. 

Using inclusive, active-learning approaches, participants in this course will build skills to:

  • find success as a postdoc
  • draft an actionable career plan
  • work in an effective intercultural environment
  • develop resilience

This course explores the research related to postdoc success and guides you in applying it to your environment. Connect to the experiences of the national postdoc community through the Postdoc Academy!

The Postdoc Academy is an NIH-funded program collaborative created by Boston University, Northwestern University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Michigan State University. 

What You'll Learn 

  • Explore identities and roles you hold and how they impact your work environment, identify strategies to transition into a new community, and align your expectations with those of your mentor
  • Identify and apply strategies to use career planning tools effectively and build an actionable plan that can both guide and be integrated into day-to-day practice
  • Build an awareness of your own professional and personal identities and explore strategies to create and support an inclusive research environment
  • Develop, implement, and reflect on an action plan to support progress on personal or professional goals that effectively build and sustain work-life resilience

Where to Enroll

The Postdoc Academy is a self-paced online program. Postdocs can participate on their own online or join a Postdoc Academy Learning Session (PALS), a blend of online and in-person workshops hosted by PALS facilitators your institution.

Set yourself up for success. Enroll in the online Postdoc Academy here: POSTDOC ACADEMY ENROLLMENT 

Postdoc Academy Learning Sessions (PALS) at UC Irvine 

Are you interested in connecting with other Postdoc Academy participants at UC Irvine? Attending PALS is a perfect way to connect, share and learn from other Postdocs in the program. The first PALS meeting is scheduled for January 31st and will meet weekly for 5 weeks. 

We strongly encourage you to watch the online modules prior to each PALS workshop. 

PALS Workshops Schedule

Location: Natural Sciences 1, Room 1114

Time: 2 pm - 3 pm (1 hour) 

Dates: January 31 & February 7, 14, 21, 28

Registration: Interested in attending the in-person PALS workshops? Register here: PALS RSVP FORM. Coffee and snacks provided!

Questions? Contact the UCI PALS facilitators: 

  • Dr. Harinder Singh at (Graduate Professional Success in S.T.E.M)
  • Dr. Kayleigh Anderson-Natale at (Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, Graduate Division) 
  • Annabel Ortiz at (Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, Graduate Division)