Peers Offering Wellness Education Resources (POWER)

What is the POWER Initiative?
A core mission of both UCI Graduate Division and UCI CARE is to create a campus culture that fosters a safe and healthy community through personal empowerment and allyship.

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The POWER Initiative aims to further this mission by creating opportunities for UCI graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to engage in creating safe spaces that allow for individual growth and community connection by becoming EmPOWER Ambassadors.

EmPOWER Ambassadors will be trained by Graduate Division and CARE staff. Competencies include:

  • Understanding the role of equity, safety, and wellness in promoting self and community empowerment.
  • Implementation of workshops and events focused on peer-to-peer support.
  • Referring students to campus resources.
  • Acting as a CARE and Graduate Division liaison.
  • Promoting CARE and Graduate Division events.


  • Currently-enrolled student in a graduate- or professional-level academic program
  • A completed application and recorded presentation
  • Able to commit to a full-year of involvement as outlined by the program’s calendar, including attending all scheduled training and meeting sessions
  • Available Wednesdays from 3pm-5pm
  • Attend four 2-hour trainings Fall quarter (Week 2, 4, 6, 8), with option for study hall/office hours for additional guidance, support, or collaboration space with peers
  • Attend one training winter and spring quarter (Date and time TBD)
  • Attend at least one 30-minute check-in with a program coordinator winter and spring quarter
  • Develop and promote a minimum of one community workshop focused on harm-prevention and wellness advocacy winter and spring quarter
  • Participate/volunteer in CARE events
  • Promote CARE and GPSRC programs and events
  • Promote wellness surveys disseminated by CARE and Graduate Division
  • Assist in referring students to appropriate campus resources
  • Act as a Graduate Division and CARE liaison


*Participants who meet all program requirements will receive a $500 stipend. Partial stipends will be paid out at the end of each quarter.

Training Curriculum

  • Equity, safety, and wellness training
    • Recognizing the role of equity, safety, and wellness in individual and community empowerment
    • CARE services and programs
    • Campus, community, and national resources
    • Bystander intervention
    • Trauma-informed practices and response
    • De-escalation and/or crisis intervention techniques
    • Identity and bias/Cultural Wellness
    • Boundary-setting and buffering vicarious trauma
  • Develop community workshops and events
    • Understanding accessibility and inclusion in workshop and event design
    • Recognizing the connection between safety and personal and professional development
    • Create, implement, and promote community workshops focused on harm-prevention and wellness advocacy.
  • Study halls/ Office hours
    • Weeks 3, 5, 7, and 9
    • This is dedicated space and time to help you prepare your winter program. Along with additional guidance, support, and/or collaboration space with peers
    • Deadline to submit Winter programs is Week 7


Apply today! Application is 15 questions and includes uploading your CV/resume and a brief video. Complete the application here.

Applications due by: Monday, September 12, 2022 by 12:00PM

Program Coordinators

Kaeleigh Hayakawa, CCCIP Coordinator – Graduate Division

Rasta Bagheri, CARE Advocate – CARE

Karen Friedlander, GPSRC Operations Manager – Graduate Division

Phong Luong, Director, Wellness and Inclusion – Graduate Division