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The GPSRC provides writing services for the diverse needs of academic writing.

"As graduate students we work very hard on our writing and it's so beneficial to have one more set of eyes to go over our writing and help us make it even better. I would recommend all of the GPSRC services to other students, but the writing is one that I would suggest you don't take for granted."

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Writing Consultants

Writing consultants provide 60-minute individual meetings for writing in all disciplines for all registered graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. Writing consultants can review:

  • Academic writing (publications, dissertation/thesis, conference papers, etc.)
  • Funding applications including grants and fellowships
  • Job application materials (CV, resume, cover letter, teaching statement, etc.)

Appointments are available:

Monday-Thursday from 9am-7pm

Friday from 9am-5pm

*Schedule will vary during summer, finals, and school breaks

Please note: You are required to bring two copies of your writing to your appointment. One copy is for the writing consultant to use and keep. The second copy is for yourself to make necessary edits. Your copy can either be printed or electronic, but the copy for the writing consultants must be printed. 

Schedule a writing consultant appointment online or call the GPSRC at 949-824-3849

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Dissertation Boot Camp

***Dissertation Boot Camps have been canceled for fall quarter. We apologize for any inconvenience***

The Dissertation Boot Camps provides an intensive three-day writing opportunity for graduate students during any stage of writing the dissertationwriting process. The boot camp format includes:

  • Three days of structured writing time in a quiet, distraction-free setting
  • Brief lessons on goal setting and sustainable writing practices
  • Individualized writing consultation meetings to address specific writing needs
  • Opportunities for continued, peer-driven dissertation writing sessions

Contact the GPSRC to find out when the next Dissertation Boot Camp is scheduled.

Write-In Days

Write-ins (mini dissertation boot camp) provide dedicated times for participants to do more than write quietly in the same room. Write-ins promote the development of healthy writing habits and instant access to a GPSRC writing consultant. Participants set goals for the write-in, keep each other accountable for their goals, and are often surprised by how much they can write when they are free of distractions.

ESL/ELL Academic Writing Series

This series of workshops addresses the specific grammar and language mechanics confronted by writers whose first language is not English. Taught in tandem with native speakers who excel in English writing, these workshop target the unique needs of first language speakers of Korean, Chinese, Farsi and Spanish to address problems common to their native language group.

Writing Groups

Writing groups are a valuable way to stay motivated and receive feedback about your writing.

GPSRC has also hosted targeted writing groups focused on:

  • Grants or fellowship application process
  • Dissertation or thesis writing
  • Academic job applications

Want to form a writing group? The GPSRC can help with:

  • Scheduling a meeting place
  • Arranging a writing consultant to help you get started
  • Promoting your writing group to the campus community


Writing consultants present workshops throughout the year relating to scholarly writing and other aspects of graduate student life. Recent examples include:

  • Getting it “Right”: The Necessity of Error in Academic Writing
  • Citation and Writing Software
  • Breaking Down Big Writing Projects
  • Streamline Your Writing with Scrivener
  • Clean-Up Crew: Editing and Filing Your Thesis or Dissertation

Click on the Graduate Division calendar for dates, times and descriptions.

Dedicated Writing Space

The GPSRC provides a quiet place to write with wireless internet access and comfortable seating.

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