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Grad Slam

The communications course at UCI’s Graduate Resource Center (GRC) was instrumental in helping me win the inaugural Grad Slam competition, because it taught me about different aspects of speaking and engaging with the audience and I highly recommend the course for all graduate scholars."- Ashley Fong, UC System-Wide 2015 Grad Slam Winner

What is Grad Slam?

Grad Slam is a systemwide competition that showcases and awards the best three-minute research presentations by graduate scholars. This competition not only highlights the excellence, importance and relevance of UCI graduate scholars and their research, but it is also designed to increase graduate students' communication skills and their capacity to effectively present their work with poise and confidence. It is an opportunity to share accomplishments with the campus, friends of UCI, the local community, and the broader public.

Click here to view the video of the 2017 systemwide competition.

Who Should Apply?

Grad Slam is open to all graduate students.  Presentations can discuss research of any discipline and methodology.

Why Apply?

Grad Slam contestants receive advanced communication skills training and a competitive CV/resume line.  Additionally, winners receive cash prizes up to $5000! The systemwide winner earns the coveted title of 2018 Grad Slam Champion.

How to Apply

Fill out the Grad Slam Application Form and include the URL to your video by January 19, 2018.

Video Instructions:

  • Record a three-minute video of yourself explaining your research and its significance as if speaking to an audience of people without academic experience in your field. Consider the video a rough draft, letting the judges get a sense of your research and the impact you believe it may have. The video will not be judged on production value.
  • The video should be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and available for judges to view January 19 – February 8, 2018. The video will only be shared with internal UCI judges and will not be shared beyond that without consent from the contestant.
  • At the beginning of your video, please state your full name, graduate program, and title of your video. The time it takes to do this will not be counted against the three minutes you may take to present your research.
  • Videos may be recorded on your cell phone/personal video device or using equipment from the Multimedia Resource Center at the library.

How to Prepare:

Bonus: By the end of this boot camp, you will have a recorded presentation you will be able to use for your submission!

Schedule for 2018 Competition

  • UCI Application and Video Submission Deadline: January 19
  • UCI Semi-Finals: February 9 – Graduate Resource Center
  • UCI Finals: March 2 – The Cove at UCI Applied Innovation
  • UC Systemwide Finals: May 3 – LinkedIn San Francisco Campus

General Information Contact: Turner Dahl
Media Inquiries: Communications Director, Wida Karim