Graduate Federal Work Study


Additional financial support for eligible graduate students; release of departmental or grant funds to be used for additional students (at the department’s discretion).

Requirements for the nominated student:

  • Must be a Ph.D. student or in a Master’s degree program
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or a Permanent Resident Alien
  • Must have submitted a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) by March 2 (continuing students) or July 1 (new students) prior to the award year
  • Must have financial need (based on FAFSA)
  • Is scheduled to have a GSR or GSAR appointment in one or more quarters of the award year
  • Must have matching funding in the department, grant or non-grant funds
  • Must be nominated by the academic program or school


School to Provide to Graduate Division by 5pm, July 30, 2021:
  1. Completed Nomination Worksheet
  2. All financial support that will be awarded to nominees in 2020-21 must be disclosed on the nomination worksheet (columns L).  Please be aware that the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will bill students who took out student loan(s) for any funding that exceeds the student’s financial need. 
  3. Short description of the functions student will perform.
  4. Ranked list of the students nominated by the school or department.
Students to Provide:
  • All candidates must have submitted a FAFSA by the priority filing deadline (March 2) during the prior academic year.  First year students in Fall 2021 must file a FAFSA prior to the award start date.
Graduate Division Criteria for Selection:
  • Impact of the FWS funds on the individual students and/or the program
  • Ability of the unit to stay in compliance with evaluating the student need and meeting the funding requirements of 25% (dept match) + 15% (administrative surcharge)
    • The 25% (dept. match) + 15% (administrative surcharge) may be paid out of state funds or university funds.
    • The 25% (dept. match) may be paid out of federal funds as long as the agency of the matching federal fund allows for both: the payment of student wages and matching from another federal fund. 15% administrative surcharge cannot be charged to federal funds.  
  • Ability of the unit to use FWS funds toward the campus goal of increased graduate student enrollment
  • Satisfactory academic progress of the students
Administrative Responsibility for Students Who Have Been Selected:
  • Schools must ask the awarded students to accept the award through their My Aid Account (, and to contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships regarding their eligibility for student loans
  • Statement of duties to be created for each position
  • Students must be appointed as GSRs (academic duties) or GSARs (non-academic duties)
  • Since the Graduate Federal Work-Study fund ends 5/31/21, please set-up an additional distribution line from 06/01/21 to 06/12/21 for Spring quarter without ‘G’ code under WSP field and charge to the matching fund.
  • Monthly timesheets to be signed and retained (this is a federal award).
  • 75% of the award will be charged to the FWS Fund, 25% of the award will be charged to a department fund which will also be used to apply the 15% Financial Aid surcharge.  If the department fund is a restricted fund, the surcharge may have to be transferred by financial journal to a departmental unrestricted fund.  See restriction above on federal funds.

Please submit your data by 5pm, July 30, 2021 to Lily Truong, Manager, Finance, and Student Databases.

Questions Regarding:

  • The financial need of a student or the impact of a GFWS award on a student’s other financial aid should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.
  • The nomination process for GFWS awards should be directed to Lily Truong at 4-4961.
  • UC Path input of the award or post award accounting should be directed to Linda Cornett at 4-9623.  

*Note – deadlines may vary slightly from year to year depending on the date information is received from the Financial Aid Office

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