Graduate Division

Programs & Internships

UC Irvine is a repository for academic excellence. An internship can be an excellent way to enhance to connect your academic experience to your career interests.  There are many benefits to graduate internships, which allow a student to gain valuable exposure to the workplace, develop new skills, and apply knowledge gained from course work to real-world situations. The following internships and programs designed for graduate students.


A traditional graduate degree from a research institution generally does not provide the student adequate preparation for a career choice of teaching in a community college. The CCCIP addresses this need and gives students an opportunity to experience firsthand what teaching in a community college environment is all about. More information about next year's program is available in the CCCIP flyer.


UCIrvine fosters excellence in graduate student teaching, and one way we do so is through the Pedagogical Fellows program (PFP), an initiative of UCI's Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation. Highly effective and experienced TAs are chosen as PFs. The PFs receive advanced pedagogical training that they will use in the services they provide to new TAs during the annual TA Professional Development Program. In addition to receiving advanced pedagogical training, PFs learn valuable strategies for success on the academic job market, including job search strategies, writing a compelling cover letter and CV, and writing a teaching philosophy statement. In addition to these professional development benefits, PFs receive a $2,000 fellowship! For more information about this exciting professional development opportunity, and to submit an application to become a PF, please see the Pedagogical Fellows program website.