Graduate Division

Instructions for Electronic Submission


Step One:


Student submits final PDF version of thesis/dissertation to the Proquest/ETD website and completes entire on-line submission process at the link provided below. The UCI Libraries staff will send a verification e-mail stating your submission has been received and is under review. This e-mail confirms the initial submission has been received, it is not the final approval. Once the submission has been reviewed by UCI Libraries staff, the student will either receive the final confirmation e-mail that their submission has been accepted or an e-mail noting revisions that are needed before it can be accepted.

Step Two:

Submit all required forms to the Graduate Division, 120 Aldrich Hall; the following forms are required:

Ph.D. Dissertation Required Forms

Master's Thesis Required Forms

Step Three:
Graduate Division
120 Aldrich Hall
(Hours: Monday-Friday 8-5pm)

Once student arrives with forms, a Graduate Division staff member will:

  • Verify all required forms are present.
  • If all the required forms are present:
    • The forms will be accepted and date stamped (date will be the student's individual graduation date).
  • If any of the required forms are missing, the staff member will inform the student they cannot accept the packet until all requried forms are submitted.
  • If thesis/dissertation packet is accepted, the student will be informed that his/her forms have been accepted and that this stage of the process is complete.

Step Four:
UCI Libraries

  • Approves ETD submission to be sent to Proquest/UMI

Step Five:
Graduate Division

  • Completes degree conferral process and sends degree certification letter to the student if requested.

If you need additional information, please contact:

Andrea Bannigan
Student Affairs Officer
Graduate Division
120 Aldrich Hall
Zot code 3180