Graduate Division

UCI Faculty are highly ranked for productivity


UC Irvine is an innovative and highly productive Research university. As a graduate student, you will have a wealth of opportunities to work with world-class faculty on cutting-edge research and scientific breakthroughs. To find out which professors have research interests that match your own, we invite you to visit the UC Irvine Faculty Profile System, a searchable database,  to learn about programs spearheaded by faculty who study psychology, sculpture, quantum theory, stem cells, macroeconomics, and many other areas of inquiry.


In line with the University of California’s fundamental missions of teaching, research and public service, the UC Irvine community of researchers conducts cutting-edge work aimed at improving or enriching the lives of Californians, as well as national and global communities. Read more…


UC Irvine graduate students have a wealth of opportunities to create new knowledge in diverse research areas. Whether devising chemical processes that will produce smaller nano chips or traveling to Rwanda to study post-genocide understandings of nationality, as a graduate student you are at the forefront of research that advances scientific knowledge and addresses urgent social problems. Read more…


UC Irvine faculty routinely win major awards, receive nationally competitive grants and publish their work in top research venues. Even better: These leading specialists create myriad opportunities for graduate students to conduct hands-on research on a variety of topics. Read more…


Research at UC Irvine flourishes in our more than 100 centers and institutes that study algorithms, laser technology, peacebuilding, computer games, prisons, machine learning, democracy, immigration, law, social justice, genomics, transportation, writing and translation, and many other topics.

Research centers host graduate students, sponsor conferences and workshops, connect faculty, students and community members, advance science, produce scholarships, and devise solutions to pressing social problems. They also serve as hubs within broader research networks that include visiting scientists and speakers, as well as notable scholars from other UC campuses, from throughout the nation and around the globe.