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Diversity Fellowships


UC Irvine’s commitment to diversity is exemplified by providing sources of funding for students from diverse backgrounds.  The diversity fellowships place an emphasis on supporting students who can add diversity to our graduate programs and the academy.  By eliminating the need for employment during the fellowship year, this funding allows more time to focus on research and academics.

Each year, a number of diversity fellowships are awarded to entering and continuing UC Irvine graduate students. These comprehensive funding packages offer our diverse student population the opportunity to acquire and develop advanced research skills through faculty mentoring relationships.


The Eugene Cota-Robles (ECR) Fellowship is a multi-year fellowship comprised of two years of centrally funded fellowship support during the fellow’s first and fourth year of study, and two years of guaranteed departmental support (e.g., from TA/GSR/GSAR funding) during years two and three.  The ECR fellowship is one of our most prestigious awards.  It is intended for incoming domestic Ph.D. students who contribute to the diversity of the institution through personal experiences or academic interests and who demonstrate interest in pursuing a career in academia. 

The Graduate Opportunity Fellowship (GOF) is a multi summer fellowship award, including three summers (pre-entry participation in the Competitive Edge Program, after years two and three) of centrally funded fellowship support as well as two years and one summer (after year one) of guaranteed departmental support (e.g., from TA/GSR/GSAR funding). The GOF is intended for incoming domestic graduate students pursuing the Ph.D. who contribute to the diversity of the institution. 

The UC Irvine Diversity Recruitment Fellowship (DRF) is designed to supplement financial support packages of admitted doctoral and M.F.A. diversity students. Each award will be up to $5,000 to top-off their original award, and programs are encouraged to provide matching funds.


The Faculty Mentor Program (FMP) Fellowship offers an important link in the continuum of support for academically promising graduate students. This award assists recipients in acquiring and developing advanced research skills under faculty mentorship. It is designed to improve mentoring for UCI doctoral students who are not yet at the dissertation stage and have not yet advanced to candidacy, and is expected to increase the number of students who complete their Ph.D. degree and successfully obtain a faculty appointment.

The President’s Dissertation Year (PDY) Fellowship is intended for students in their final year of graduate study who are planning to pursue teaching and research appointments after their dissertation fellowship year. This award is intended to assist graduate students with the completion of their dissertation and to enhance their qualifications as candidates for university faculty teaching and research appointments.