Eugene-Cota Robles Fellowship (D, R)

The Eugene Cota-Robles (ECR) Fellowship is the most prestigious diversity fellowship offered at UC Irvine.  This award is used to release recipients from employment or loan obligations that might delay progress in graduate study.  The fellowship is designed to place students interested in careers in academic teaching and research on a fast-track towards completing their doctoral degree, and to increase the number of qualified candidates for faculty positions within the University of California.  The Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship is named in honor of one of the earliest Mexican-American professors in the University of California System. 

First Nomination Deadline: February 17, 2022 12:00 PM

Final Nomination Deadline:  March 17, 2022 12:00 PM

For more information contact: Mariela Menendez at 

Funding Package

  • In the first and fourth year, Graduate Division will award fellowship support in the form of a $25,000 stipend, distributed during the academic year, plus payment of fees/tuition and nonresident tuition (year one only), if applicable.
  • Graduate Division will provide the second year of stipend and fee/tuition support during the student’s fourth year of study, only after the academic program has provided verification of satisfactory academic progress for each ECR fellow, and the student has fulfilled all obligations related to evaluation and participation in this diversity program.
  • During the second, third and fifth year, the student’s academic program is obligated to provide funding at an equivalent level of support (e.g., TA, GSR, etc. funding).
  • The student’s academic program will also provide support for four summers, at a minimum rate of $3,000 per summer.


  • Nominee must indicate an interest in an academic career in teaching and research. 
  • Nominee must be admitted to a doctoral program at UCI. 
  • Nominee may not have ever been or currently enrolled in a doctoral program at UCI.
  • Nominee must demonstrate high potential and promise. 
  • Nominee must be a United States citizen, permanent resident, or AB540 eligible
  • Nominee needs to be interviewed by the admission committee.
  • Nominee must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative undergraduate and master’s (if applicable) GPA. 
  • Nominee must have a pending SIR at the time of nomination. 
  • Nominee must meet the UC definition of diversity.

Nomination Process:

  • Each program can only submit one nomination for the ECR fellowship per round via Slate. 
  • Interested students should contact the program they are applying to and discuss interest in the fellowship.
  • The personal history statement on the UC Irvine Online Application for Graduate Admissions will be used to help determine eligibility for nomination and selection of final awardees.

Review Criteria

  • Nominees will be reviewed on the following criteria in order:
    • Meeting the UC definition of diversity. 
    • Interest in diversifying the program. 
    • Proven resilience in the face of challenges, while still making exceptional achievements. 
    • Likelihood to finish the degree program to which they were admitted. 

Graduate Division Contact:  Questions can be directed to Mariela Menendez at