Graduate Division

Students with Disabilities

UC Irvine Graduate Division collaborates with our campus partners to ensure accessibility for our students who have disabilities and provide support in their academic endeavors. The Graduate Division will also work with academic programs to provide disability accommodations, as appropriate, when recommended by the Disabilities Services Centers.

The following links are information and resources for students with disabilities:

  • The Disabilities Services Center provides services to students who experience any type of disability. We encourage you to contact the DSC as soon as possible to learn about the available resources.
  • The UC Irvine Graduate Division provides internal diversity fellowship opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds, who have faced significant obstacles to academic achievement, designed to help them focus on their research and academic progress by eliminating the need for employment.
  • The Gordon Hein Scholarship is for Ph.D. or master’s degree students (except those enrolled in self-supporting programs) who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, have financial need, and are blind or legally blind.
  • All graduate/professional school students and postdoctoral scholars are encouraged to refer to the Keeping the Balance Wellness Guide. This helpful guide outlines the many campus resources available at UC Irvine.