Graduate Dean's Recruitment Fellowship (I) (R)

The Graduate Dean’s Recruitment Fellowship program is designed to supplement financial support packages of prospective doctoral and M.F.A. students who have received competitive offers from equivalent institutions.

Award Info

Each award will be up to $5,000 on top of their original award paid on September 1, 2022 contingent on fall enrollment.

If a student is awarded a GDRF and is participating in Competitive Edge, their DRF funds will be disbursed throughout the summer program (not September 1st) unless the department requests otherwise.


  • Nominee must be an admitted doctoral or M.F.A. student who has received a competitive offer(s) from equivalent institutions.
  • Nominee must be a US citizen, Permanent Resident, AB540 eligible or an international student.
  • Nominee must have a pending SIR.
  • Nominee must be interviewed during the admissions process by the department in order to be considered for this fellowship. Method of interview can be in-person, by phone, or Skype, etc. Email correspondence is NOT acceptable.
Nomination Process

There is no application process for this fellowship. Award process is administered at the school and/or department level. 

Graduate Division Contact Info: 

Questions can be directed to Mariela Menendez at