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Campuswide Graduate Welcome and Orientation

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Welcome to the Anteater community! This event will focus on assisting new graduate students successfully navigate through their graduate journey at UCI. The program will cover a variety of topics including professional development, academic success, health and wellness, and student life. Whether you are curious about graduate support services, how to begin your professional development, or maintaining a healthy graduate student lifestyle, Campuswide Graduate Welcome and Orientation is the first place to gain valuable information to impact your graduate experience.

Friday, September 25, 2020

More details on this event are forthcoming for incoming fall 2020 graduate students. 

What can Orientation do for you? A lot. But don't take our word for it. Listen to some of your peers explain what they found the most helpful about the event. 

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Check the email address used when applying to UCI for your link to register for Graduate Welcome and Orientation.

Your invitation to register will be sent from

Registration for this FREE event is required.


Have a question? Need more information? Send an e-mail to the Graduate Welcome and Orientation Planning Team.

New Student Checklist

In order to prepare for your graduate journey at UCI, we strongly encourage you to use the new student pre-arrival checklists.

What Should I Expect At Orientation?

This event is sure to be fun and will prepare you for graduate life at UCI. Below are some highlights to help you make the most of this one-time event. 

A Variety of Topics Focused on Your Graduate Success: Orientation will feature information from many campus partners and resources to help you make the most of your graudate career and most importantly, ensure that you are prepared for the work ahead of you.  

Campus Tours: For those of you who haven’t been able to get a full look at campus and those who would like to get a graduate students’ take on the best places around, there will be optional campus tours lead by university staff and accompanied by current students.

Meals: A light breakfast will be provided in the morning. Lunch will be provided to all in attendance.

How to Prepare for the Day

Q: How do I dress for the day?
A: The Graduate Welcome and Orientation is a casual event. We encourage incoming students to dress comfortably. Students should expect a fair amount of walking as the event is held at various locations in a single venue. 

Q: What do I bring?
A: Since the day will be packed with useful information, we suggest you bring note-taking materials. We will be providing every student with a welcome folder that includes information about valuable resources on campus, so bringing something to carry it in might come in handy. Also, as it will be the height of summer in Southern California, we suggest you bring water, sunscreen, hats, and anything else that might keep you comfortable. As lunch will be provided you do not need to bring a packed lunch. The Graduate Welcome and Orientation Planning Team also strongly suggests that you leave all valuable materials at home (i.e., passports, large sums of money, etc.).

Special Accommodations

We would like to make sure that all of our incoming graduate students, including students with disabilities, have an equal opportunity to participate in the Graduate Welcome and Orientation. If you require specific accommodations, we ask that you contact the Graduate Welcome and Orientation Planning Team as soon as possible via email at so that we may prepare accordingly.

Additionally, we encourage all students with a qualifying disability to register with UCI’s Disability Services Center so that the school may continue to support you throughout your graduate career. If you have any questions about eligibility or available support, we encourage you to contact the Disability Services Center as soon as possible.

Students requiring special meal accommodations should indicate it on the online registration form. However, if you made a mistake or forgot to specify a dietary restriction, please contact the Graduate Welcome and Orientation Planning Team with an update.

FAQs for Incoming Students


Q: Will incoming international students attend both the International and the Campuswide Graduate Welcome and Orientation?  
A: Yes, international students will attend both events. The International Graduate Welcome and Orientation is designed to provide information unique to incoming international students, while the Campuswide event will pertain to all incoming graduate students. 

Q: What kinds of information will be provided during Orientation? 
A: The Campuswide Graduate Welcome and Orientation is intended to give incoming graduate students a breadth of information regarding their success while at UCI. Topics will include graduate support services, professional development, health and wellness, and ways to prepare you for academic success.  

Q: If I am already participating in TAPDP, should I still come to Orientation? 
A: Yes. The Teaching Assistant Professional Development Program (TAPDP) focuses on how to be a Teaching Assistant, while Campuswide Graduate Welcome and Orientation will provide you with information and resources as a student.  These events cover very different information and we strongly encourage you to attend Orientation. 

Q: Do I need to do anything to prepare for Orientation? 
A: No, you do not need to do anything to prepare for Orientation except register for the event.  Registration is free and includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Due to the size of the event, we recommend that you bring your own lunch and snacks if you have a highly specialized diet. There will be plenty of information given out at the event, so we encourage you to bring a pen and paper. Please avoid bringing any valuable items that may be lost or misplaced (e.g. passports, large sums of money, etc.). 

Q: What should I wear to Campuswide Graduate Welcome and Orientation? 
A: Orientation is a half-day event during which you will be moving between rooms and buildings.. We encourage you to wear comfortable attire and footwear to move easily throughout the day. 

Q: Where do I register for Orientation?  
A: All incoming students can expect to receive an email invitation with information on registration instructions from   

Q: How can I be sure I am registered for Orientation?  
A: Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email. As the event approaches, you will also receive communications from with further event information. 

FAQs for Faculty, Staff, and Departments


Q: If our department is already having a department orientation, should our students still come to the Campuswide Graduate Welcome and Orientation? 
A: Yes, we strongly encourage students to attend both the Campuswide Graduate Welcome and Orientation and their department/school-based orientation. This event provides essential information that applies to all graduate students at UCI. Furthermore, this is the first major opportunity the graduate students from the various schools and departments will have to meet and mingle. 

Photos from Orientation

Curious? Take a look at some pictures from last year's orientation in our Flickr Album.