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UCI is now a member of the national Center for Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning which is an NSF, SLOAN and GLHEC (Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation) -funded Center dedicated to working with graduate students and postdocs to grow STEM faculty who are effective at evidence-based teaching as well as research. CIRTL campuses are a collection of 43 research universities that have committed to provide resources and support training for interested future faculty.

UCI-GPS-CIRTL is a partnership between Graduate Division and the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation. Graduate students and postdocs can choose to participate in the programing at several different levels, depending on their interests and career goals. Students can earn certificates which document their mastery of CIRTL core ideas, including evidence-based teaching, diversity and teaching as research.

For more information about levels and how to participate please click here.

Institutional Leaders

UCI GPS-CIRTL is a partnership between Graduate Division and the Division of Teaching and Learning.

Institutional Leader

Dr. Michael Dennin
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning and
Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education

Institutional Co-Leader

Dr. Daniel Mann
Director of Graduate Student & Postdoc Instructional Development
Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation

For questions about applying a workshop or program to CIRTL levels, please contact

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Learning through Diversity

Teaching as Research

Learning Communities