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Communications and Cultural Fluency

Excellent communications skills are essential to professional success. Developing cultural fluency is another critical aspect of success in the global arena. If UC Irvine is to achieve its goal of global preeminence, all of our graduates will require training in public speaking, interpersonal communication, clear and powerful writing, interview techniques and interacting with multiple cultures and nationalities.  To view current workshop flyer click here.

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Public Speaking

  • Activate to Captivate - Communication Certificate Series
    • Created by Bri McWhorter, Activate to Captivate is an eight-week communication certifcate program for graduate students and postdocs. Participants will learn and practice strategies to craft a dynamic and compelling presentation including:
      • Overcoming anxiety
      • Commanding a room
      • Effectively communicating with an audience of any size
      • Attendance is mandatory for all eight sessions.
  • Phy Sci 220 is a ten week course with Sandra Tsing Loh on crafting your “elevator pitch”
  • Public Speaking Boot Camp - Fall and Spring quarters
    • This interactive four-day boot camp teaches graduate students and postdoctoral scholars basic communication and public speaking techniques in order to transform a participant's ability to present persuasively to audiences large and small including how to:
      • Overcome anxiety
      • Command a room
      • Effectively communicate with an audience of any size
    • Participants must attend all sessions. For more information or to register for this boot camp, email the Graduate & Postdoc Scholar Resource Center (GPRSC).
  • Interview Skills Boot Camp - Winter quarter
    • Developed by Bri McWhorter, the Interview Skills Boot Camp is a full-day boot camp for graduate students and postdocs who want to improve their interview skills. It provides tools to enter any interview situation with confidence and excitement including how to:
      • Adapt to changing circumstances and handle surprises with confidence
      • Practice effective small talk
      • Experience the difference among interviewing with an individual, a panel, during a meal, and on Skype
    • Participants must attend sessions during the day. For more information or to register for this boot camp, email the Graduate & Postdoc Scholar Resource Center (GPRSC).
  • Communication Consultant Training Certification - Summer and Winter quarters
    • This certification program teaches graduate students and postdoctoral scholars how to conduct workshops and offer individual coaching/outreach to their peers through the Graduate & Postdoc Scholar Resource Center (GPSRC).
    • For more information, email the Graduate & Postdoc Scholar Resource Center (GPSRC).
  • The Public Impact Fellowship competition highlights and supports doctoral students whose current research has the potential for substantial impact in the public sphere. Ideal candidates will be involved in research designed to significantly improve or enrich the lives of Californians and/or national and global communities.
  • Associated Graduate Students Research Symposium: Celebrating graduate and professional student research at UC Irvine; for more information click here.
  • UC system-wide GradSlam Competition
  • Brews and Brains: A friendly and casual forum to enhance your presentation skills and be creative with your research talks