This year we conferred 403 doctoral degrees between summer 2016 and spring 2017. During this same period, we will have conferred more than 1359 master’s degrees. Congratulations to all our new graduates.

In this month's issue, you will find important information regarding our Summer Research Graduate Programs. This year, we welcome a record number of students, including 61 undergraduate and master's students in our Summer Research Program and 55 entering doctoral students in our Competitive Edge Summer Research Program. I look forward to seeing the students present their research at the symposium on August 17.

In addition, you will find details about our summer and fall funding workshops, upcoming graduate welcome and orientations, as well as several funding opportunities that will be available for your students.  The Graduate Division will also kick off the 2017-2018 application season with workshops that support graduate students’ efforts to apply for the upcoming NSF GRFP competition. These have been very helpful for students who want to get an early start on the application process. Please see details below.

In This Issue


The UCI Graduate Division supports submission of Fulbright U.S. Student Program applications. Students are encouraged to apply for this prestigious fellowship program, which supports travel and living expenses for a year of research abroad in approximately 140 countries. Students should begin gathering letters of affiliation and recommendation this summer.

UCI’s internal deadline for applications is September 4, 2017. Interviews will be conducted on-campus in mid to late September, after which students will be given the opportunity to revise their applications. Revised applications must be submitted by October 2, 2017 at 5pm.

For more information, visit:

The Fulbright Program Advisor for UCI graduate students is Dr. Sandra Loughlin (


This year, we created UCI-GPS-CIRTL, a collaboration between UCI and the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL). UCI-GPS-CIRTL is focused on Graduate Professional Success (GPS) that is brought to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars via UCI’s Graduate Division, Division of Teaching and Learning, Center for Engaged Instruction, and the national Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL). The UCI Graduate Division kindly asks that you publicize the new UCI-GPS-CIRTL community to the graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in your programs.

UCI is a now a member of the national CIRTL community and is committed to providing resources and training for interested future faculty. After expansion to 43 of the country’s leading doctoral-granting institutions, CIRTL is gaining national recognition and is a great way for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to document their training in pedagogy. UCI offers numerous opportunities for students and postdocs to meet the CIRTL requirements for Associate, Practitioner, and Scholar levels.

UCI-GPS-CIRTL works with the national CIRTL network to provide programming for UCI graduate students and postdocs that meets the requirements for earning certificates in CIRTL’s Associate, Practitioner, and Scholar levels. Channeling CIRTL’s core values of evidence-based teaching, developing learning communities, learning through diversity, and teaching-as-research (TAR), we have worked closely with our UCI collaborators to identify already-existing programming and begin developing new programming that will offer opportunities for students to improve their teaching. For example, the Pedagogical Fellows Program and University Studies 390X course each satisfy the associate level requirements for the CIRTL certificate. Additionally, participation in the Mentoring Excellence Program, the Foundations of Teaching, and DECADE Plus contribute to the overall requirements to become a CIRTL Associate. Starting in fall, University Studies 395 will be offered by Dr. Adrienne Williams that is exclusively focused on principles of teaching-as-research (TAR), which helps students reach CIRTL’s Practitioner level. Dr. Williams will also be co-teaching the CIRTL TAR course at the national level.

This year, we awarded 89 Associate-level certificates to a combination of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars at UCI! Students and postdocs can also sign up here for the UCI-GPS-CIRTL listserv to receive information about professional development opportunities through CIRTL and at UCI! We anticipate sending approximately one e-mail per week or less with updates. For further inquiries, students and postdocs can e-mail


PoWER Groups- Postdoc Peer Groups for Writing Editing and Review of Manuscripts

The Weekly Postdoc Writing Editing and Review (PoWER) group provides support for postdocs to maintain a disciplined writing regimen, obtain feedback early in the writing process and see how others write.

More Info: Visit the website

Postdoc FOCUS seminars

The Postdoctoral Scholar FOCUS seminar series allows postdocs to choose the format of the presentation/discussion (research talk, teaching demo, etc.); the audience includes colleagues from a range of disciplines.

3rd Thursday of the month; 12:00-1:00pm   

Where: Graduate Resource Center

More Info: Visit the website

“Postdocs at the Forefront-2017”- Research Symposium 

UCI Postdocs are invited to submit an application to present a talk and/or poster.  The entire UCI community is invited to attend.

When: Fall, 2017

Where: UCI Applied Innovation, 5141 California Avenue, #200, Irvine

More Info: Visit the website


This summer, the Graduate Division is hosting two research programs:

  • The Competitive Edge Summer Research Program is an eight-week faculty-mentored research program designed to integrate minority students and females underrepresented in their disciplines into the fabric of the university by providing tools and resources before the start of the academic year.  Participants have the opportunity to work on exciting research projects during the summer.  This summer's program will include 55 incoming doctoral students, our largest cohort ever. For more information about the Competitive Edge program please contact Jason Cruz at x41281
  • The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program, UC LEADS, the CSU Pre-doctoral Program (CPDP), The CSU Long Beach BUILD,  the NSF REU Cultivating the IoT-enabled Smart Community and  the UCI HBCU Initiative combine to form one Summer Research Program (SRP) for undergraduate and master's students. This year, we are hosting 61 diversity students from around the U.S. The SRP is an eight-week, faculty-mentored, graduate preparation research experience. Students will take part in a rigorous course of workshops designed to help prepare them for graduate school. All student participants reside in on-campus housing for the duration of the summer program. For more information about the SRP please contact Daniel Fabrega at x48730.
  • Both summer programs will host a research symposium on August 17 in the UCI Student Center. All are welcome to attend. Additional information will be forthcoming.


The Graduate Division is proud to provide updates on the successful work that has taken place this year with DECADE:

  • The central DECADE Student Council successfully coordinated the following events/programs:
    • DECADE Fall Welcome
    • Quarterly DECADE Journal Club
    • Quarterly DECADE Speaker Series
    • Winter Social
    • DECADE Mentor Presentation
    • DECADE End of the Year Celebration
  • The following new programs/events were created this year:
    • TA Training Workshop – Strategies for TA’ing in the post-election climate
    • TA Training Workshop – How to create a “call-in” culture in the classroom
    • Community Outreach Workshops - We Are Them (WATz Up)
  • The DECADE Student Council also provided issues of the DECADE Press each quarter.
  • Many schools have formed school-based DECADE student councils, in collaboration with Equity Advisors and DECADE Faculty Mentors.
  • The following faculty received a DECADE Mentor Graduate Diversity Award and will be conducting a variety of diversity related activities and research projects during the upcoming year.
    • Lonnie Alcarez, Drama
    • Tom Boellstorff, Anthropology
    • Melissa Mazmanian , Informatics
    • Hernando Ombao, Statistics
    • Amelia Regan, Computer Science


The Graduate Division will kick off the 2017-2018 application season with workshops that support graduate students’ efforts to apply for the upcoming NSF GRFP competition. The summer funding workshop series begin in July.  Due to the anticipated size of the workshops, these sessions will be held at the McDonnell Douglas Engineering Auditorium.  See the Summer Funding Workshop Series section below for more information on times, dates and locations.

The National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP) helps ensure the vitality of the human resource base of science and engineering in the United States and reinforces its diversity.  The program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based master's and doctoral degrees at accredited US institutions.  The NSF welcomes applications from all qualified students and strongly encourages under-represented populations, including women, under-represented racial and ethnic minorities, and persons with disabilities, to apply for this fellowship.


Fall workshops for students will be held in late September and early October, just prior to the NSF application deadlines.

All fall workshops will be held in the Graduate Resource Center.

Please encourage all eligible students to apply and attend the workshops.

Summer is a good time to develop a departmental strategy to encourage eligible students to apply for NSF GRFP funding and to ensure that they submit competitive applications this fall. 

As a planning resource, the Graduate Division has developed an Implementation and Best Practices Guide.

Questions about the NSF GRFP Initiative should be directed to: Celina Mojica, x4-5409.


Save the Dates

  • July 10, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. - NSF GRFP Information Session
  • July 11, 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. - Writing for the NSF GRFP
  • July 25, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. - Advice from the Experts: NSF GRFP Faculty Reviewer Panel
  • July 20, 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. – Ford Foundation Information Session
  • July 27, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. - The Fellowship Application Experience Panel

All meetings will be held in the McDonnell Douglas Engineering Auditorium.

Register to attend these workshops at:

Questions? Email or call 949-824-3849.


On Friday, June 9, over 70 UCI alumni, university leadership, faculty and staff, along with current graduate students, joined together for the 2nd Annual Celebration of Graduate Success. Throughout the course of the day, they helped us define a path forward to improving professional development opportunities for future scholars.

We invite you to take a look at photos from the event.


Both of these events will take place in the Bren Events Center.

We ask that all academic units refrain from scheduling any discipline-based orientation events on this date so that students can attend these orientation events.


Interested in being a volunteering?  There are a lot of options before and during the event. Many are needed. All are welcome!  Sign up now!

As a reminder:

  • These events are not intended to replace or overlap with current department- or school-based orientations; rather, they are designed to provide a unified message on topics that apply to all new graduate students.
  • These events cover common aspects of the graduate student experience at UCI.
  • This includes sessions on graduate support services (GRC, Career Center, CEI, Counseling Center, etc.), as well as administrative topics to help with success, such as the function of the Graduate Division, an introduction to UCI senior administration, and health insurance.
  • Graduate Orientation also proves to be a successful way for fostering relationships among students who may not otherwise meet or communicate.
  • Please Note: The days of the week that these events traditionally take place have shifted in 2017 to accommodate religious holidays.

More information will be forthcoming. Please contact us with questions: 2017 Graduate Welcome and Orientation



The Graduate InterConnect Program will continue in fall 2017 with a team of 49 graduate student peer mentors who will provide support and guidance to new international graduate students as they make their transition to the campus.  The Peer Mentors will personally initiate contact with the incoming students in July to help them prepare for their arrival, and will have regular communications with them throughout fall quarter.  They will also contribute to the Blog, host a selection of social events in the fall and will connect students to appropriate staff within their academic programs, to campus and community resources, and with fellow graduate students. Any questions about the program can be sent to Gabriella Pham at x49295.


Spots are still available! The Graduate Division is seeking applicants for an interdisciplinary group of graduate students to generate ideas, feedback, and light content for our strategic communications practices.  Please share this information with students you think might be interested.  We are seeking a balanced group of Masters and PhD students, as well as post-doctoral scholars. Ideal applicants will:

  • Work well with others
  • Enjoy brainstorming and generating ideas
  • Have interest in social media and strategic communications practices

Graduate students will also be receiving a call for participation. For questions or additional information, graduate students can email The Graduate Division Social Media GSR, Jenny West, at

Interested students can apply through the online application:


Through a new institutional subscription sponsored by the Ayala School of Biological Sciences and the School of Medicine, all UCI faculty, students, postdocs and researchers now have access to the Nature Masterclass online course in scientific writing and publishing. With over 30 editors from more than 20 Nature journals serving as instructors, we encourage ALL graduate students, postdocs, researchers, and faculty to participate in this valuable resource. These experts will take you through the entire scientific publishing process. Although this is presented by Nature, the tools and training the Masterclass provides is beneficial for all scholars at any stage of writing for publication – everyone can benefit!

Course objectives for the 15 modules:

  • How to get the most out of the writing process
  • Submission procedures and cover letter tips
  • How the manuscript selection process works at top journals
  • What happens to papers once they’ve been submitted
  • Explaining what it takes to get published in top journals!



    The GRC will be opened from Monday – Friday from 9AM – 5PM during the summer.

The GRC Writing Consultant program includes four trained writing consultants who review academic papers, fellowship applications, and provide feedback on job materials (ex. CV, cover letter). Appointments are available daily from 9:00AM – 5:00PM. 

Students can schedule an appointment here or call 949-824-3849.

If students are applying for fellowship funding, including the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP), Fulbright U.S. Student Program or Ford Foundation Fellowships, Dr. Sandra Loughlin can answer questions about the application process and provide feedback on application materials.

Appointments are available by clicking here or calling 949-824-3849.

Need additional information? Contact the GRC:


     PHONE     949-824-3849


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