Graduate Division Completion Fellowships

This is one quarter of support for those who were affected by the events of the past two years and are now out of funding. The quarter must be in academic year 2022-23 (not in the summer) and cannot be combined with other UCI stipends or appointments. The goal is to help those whose research or creative activities were held up as a result of the pandemic or other events. We will give priority to those who have a matching quarter of additional support from their school — if more than one quarter is needed. Students can also plan to combine the fellowship quarter with an additional quarter during which they can go on filing-fee status — for up to three quarters of work leading to the completion of the degree.

– If you are out of funding that would cover the cost of a quarter, you may apply for one quarter from the Graduate Division.
– Applicants must specify how their research or other required work was delayed. Applicants may also provide information about how events affected them, although details are not required.
– A letter of support and any matching funds available from their associate dean, chair, or adviser.
– Applicants must submit a timeline for completion of the degree.
Completion fellowship recipients are required to file their dissertation during the 2022-2023 academic year and must file their degree no later than summer 2023. Department/Schools/Colleges will be required to re-pay the awarded funds to the Graduate Division if the filing requirement is not met. Completion Fellowship recipients cannot hold any university employment including but not limited to TA/Associate/Reader/Tutor or GSR/GSAR/ positions during the fellowship quarter.

Deadline: April 25, 2022
Questions? Contact: Rodrigo Lazo at