Graduate Division



All UCI graduate students enrolled during both Winter Quarter 2019 and Spring Quarter 2019 are eligible to submit applications.


  • Slides are optional, but strongly encouraged.
  • Presenters will be limited to a maximum of 3 PowerPoint slides, exclusive of the title slide.
  • No Prezi or other presentation formats will be permitted.
  • Embedding of audio and/or video clips is allowed (clips may contain animation).
  • No PowerPoint animations are allowed (see PowerPoint animation tab).
  • All work on the slides must be original to the student and cannot be generated by a professional. Images must be properly attributed.
  • Presentations are to be spoken word (e.g. no poems, raps or songs).
  • All presentations will be pre-loaded on the laptop on the day of the competition. You will be required to email your PowerPoint presentations to no later than 8:00am on February 6 for the semifinals competition and 8:00am on February 26 for the UCI campus finals competition.
  • Props are allowed, but need to be cleared by the program coordinators, require minimal set-up, and not produce a mess.
  • The room will be set-up with a laptop, projector, remote slide advancer, and laser pointer.


Timing will commence from the moment the student begins her/his presentation. The presentation begins at the moment the student engages with the audience (if s/he starts with a hand clap, a gesture, an audio or video clip or any other such engagement, prior to speaking, the clock begins at that time; if there is no such engagement the clock starts when the student begins speaking). Points will be deducted from the final score, beginning with one point at 3:03, and one point being taken off for every two seconds the speaker continues after that.