Graduate Division

Recruitment Fellowships


Recruitment fellowships are used to recruit promising applicants to UC Irvine graduate programs. Graduate student applicants do not apply directly for these fellowships, but rather they are nominated by the graduate programs they applied to. These competitive awards provide tuition, fees and/or stipend support in varying amounts. Please note that most of these awards have specific eligibility requirements.

Eugene-Cota Robles Fellowship

The Eugene Cota-Robles (ECR) Fellowship is the most prestigious diversity fellowship offered at UC Irvine.The fellowship is designed to place students interested in careers in academic teaching and research on a fast-track towards achieving their doctoral degree, and to increase the number of qualified candidates for faculty positions within the University of California.

Graduate Opportunity Fellowship

The Graduate Opportunity (GOF) Fellowship is a multi-summer (doctoral students) or one year (M.F.A students) fellowship for diversity students.

UC Irvine Diversity Recruitment Fellowship

The UC Irvine Diversity Recruitment Fellowship program is designed to supplement financial support packages of admitted doctoral and M.F.A. diversity students.

Graduate Dean's Recruitment Fellowship

The Graduate Dean's Recruitment Fellowship program is designed to supplement financial support packages of those prospective doctoral and M.F.A. students who have received competitive offers from other institutions.

Provost PhD Fellowship

The Provost PhD Fellowship is to help recruit the best and brightest PhD students to UC Irvine. Provost PhD Fellowships will be awarded on a rigorous, competitive basis through a nomination process.

Nevin Graduate Endowment Fellowship

The intention of the Nevin Graduate Endowment fellowship is to recruit the best diversity PhD and M.F.A students to UC Irvine. The Nevin Fellowship award is designed to supplement and enhance financial support packages.