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Graduate Dean's Recruitment Fellowship

Section 1

The information below is for the AY 2018-2019 cycle. the AY 2019-2020 cycle will be avaialble December 2018.


The Graduate Dean's Recruitment Fellowship program is designed to supplement financial support packages of prospective doctoral and M.F.A. students who have received competitive offers from equivalent institutions.

Award Info

Each award will be $5,000 on top of their original award, and programs are encouraged to provide matching funds.

The award is paid in three monthly stipends during the Fall 2018, Winter 2019, or Spring 2019 quarters only.

GDRF, Provost PhD and Nevin cannot be used in the same quarter

A student may not recieve both the DRF and GDRF


  • Nominee must be an admitted doctoral and M.F.A. student who has received a competitive offer(s) from equivalent institutions.
  • Nominee may be be a US citizen, Permanent Resident, AB540 eligible or an International student.
  • Nominee must have a pending SIR
  • Nominee must be interviewed during the admissions process by the department in order to be considered for this fellowship. Method of interview can be in-person, by phone, or Skype, etc. Email correspondence is NOT acceptable.

Nomination Process

  • Complete and submit the GDRF/DRF form outlining the prospective student's competing offer(s) and why you believe that this fellowship will help recruit the student.
  • Along with the completed nomination form, please submit a scanned copy of the student's application (copy of the application from DAVAD, letters of recommendation,  and a copy of the original admission and financial offer letter(s) from the nominators program)and any other relevant supporting documents.
  • Copy of the original admission offer letter(s) from the competing institution(s).
  • The nomination packet should be  emailed to The subject line should include the name of the fellowship, last name of nominee and student ID number for the nominated student.  For example: "GDRF_Smith_12345678".
    • Please do not send DRF and GDRF nominations in the same email.

Contact Info

Questions should be directed to Long Nguyen 949-824-3512.


Nominations will be accepted until funding allocated to the program has been exhausted. First awards will be announced in mid-February.