Graduate Division

Fellowships & Awards

UC Irvine strongly encourages all graduate students to apply for fellowships.  Fellowships vary in amount and are an important source of funding designed to help students meet their educational and living expenses. There are two types of fellowships: internal (i.e., offered by UCI Graduate Division or an academic department) and extramural (i.e., offered by an external organization or agency for study at UC Irvine).

Due to the competitive nature of the fellowship application process, it is essential to plan ahead.  It is important to allow enough time to identify fellowship opportunities and to prepare application materials. The application itself is an important component of academic and professional development. The process of articulating research will help students enhance their research and prepare their credentials for future endeavors.

For more information about funding opportunities and on-campus resources, please contact:


  • Internal Fellowships are awards administered by UC Irvine Graduate Division.  These competitive awards provide stipends in varying amounts. Some Internal Fellowships require nominations from the student’s academic program.  In this case, students will need to be aware of departmental deadlines versus the deadline for Graduate Division.  It is the student’s responsibility to contact his or her department/school for departmental deadlines. Please note that most of these awards have specific eligibility requirements.

  • Diversity Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis to qualified diversity students. Students do not apply for these fellowships directly, but are nominated for consideration by the home department.

  • Extramural Fellowships are merit-based support provided by external national, international or private foundations.  Many awards have competition due dates up to a year before the money is distributed for the following academic school year.

  • International Fellowships are extramural fellowships that provide support for the student to conduct research outside of the United States. For information on funding opportunities and resources for international graduate students studying at UCI, read more here

  • Recruitment fellowships are awards administered by the UC Irvine Graduate Division. Graduate programs nominate their top newly admitted students for these additional funds to help increase yield. These fellowships include multi-year diversity fellowships as well as top off awards to department financial offers.