Graduate Division

Teaching Assistantships

Many academic units offer teaching opportunities to outstanding graduate students who are employed in the following ASE (Academic Student Employee) titles:

During the academic year, ASEs may be appointed for a maximum of half-time service (220 hours/quarter).  Registration as a full-time student (12 units) is required, and students must meet academic eligibility requirements for grades, GPA and satisfactory progress.  The duration and extent of such appointments vary by academic unit.

Assistantship offers are made to students by the academic unit following formal admission to graduate study.  Students should contact their departments for further information.

Projected positions for 2019-2020

Academic Requirements

  • Minimum GPA of 3.1 for Teaching Assistants & Teaching Associates
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 for Readers & Tutors
  • Satisfactory academic progress towards degree objective
    • A letter grade of C, S, or above in all courses completed in the last three quarters
    • No more than two (2) Incomplete grades (except where stricter school policies apply) in the last three quarters

Information on Union Representation

  • All Academic Student Employee (ASE) appointments are covered by a collective bargaining agreement between the University of California and the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW).  Click here to view the entire contract.

  • UAW 2865 Membership Election Form

Click here for information on English Proficiency requirements.

Benefits for Graduate Students Employed as ASEs

Graduate students who are appointed as Teaching Assistants and Teaching Associates at 25% time (110 hours of assigned workload) or greater and for graduate students who are appointed as Tutors and Readers for a guaranteed minimum of 110 hours of assigned workload within the respective quarter’s service period are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Partial Fee Remission: Payment of 100% of the Graduate Student Health Insurance Program (GSHIP) premium and 100% of the Student Services Fee and Tuition components of a student’s assessment per quarter. Note that this does not include payment of NonResident Supplemental Tuition, nor does  it include payment of campus-based fees.

            Fees/Tuition Remission Chart for Full-Time Enrolled ASEs

            Fees/Tuition Remission Chart for Part-Time Enrolled ASEs

Guidance for Hiring Self-Supporting Graduate Professional Degree Students as ASEs

Teaching Assistants and Teaching Associates

SSGPDP students should only be considered in the event that it is impossible to identify and appoint 1) a qualified PhD student, not necessarily in the same school or discipline; and 2) a qualified state-supported master’s student, not necessarily in the same school or discipline.

SGPDP students must meet the same academic standards as state-supported graduate students hired as TAs. Students must also meet the same English proficiency requirements as state-supported students in order to be appointed as a TA. Note that waiving the English proficiency requirement for admissions purposes does not exempt a student from meeting the TA requirement for English proficiency.

SSGPDP students serving as TAs must undergo the same TA training as state-supported graduate students and demonstrate that they have a sufficient teaching foundation (i.e., TAPDAP).

Funding source for ASE salary and remission

Salary and remission should be covered by the hiring unit.

  • If the SSGPDP student will be an ASE for an SSGPDP, then the salary and remission must be paid with SSGPP program revenues or other discretionary funding sources available to the program.
  • If the SSGPDP student will be an ASE in a state-supported program, then the salary may be charged to the regular TA instructional salary funding source; however, remission must be paid from other discretionary funds.
  • In no case shall remission costs be paid by campus TA remission budget allocations.

ASE Fee remission

  • The fee remission paid on behalf of an SSGPDP student will be paid as all other remission is paid, i.e., as a fee credit posted to the student’s Student Billing System (SBS) account. Under no circumstances will the funds be provided directly to the student. The amount of fee remission is equal to the amount of remission paid on behalf of a student in a state-supported program for the Tuition and Student Services components of a student’s fee assessment.
  • The remission should be based on in-state remission and should not include NRST.
  • As with a student in a state-supported program, if the student in an SSGPDP is charged and does not waive out of GSHIP, the GSHIP amount will be included in the fee remission. In no case will fee remission exceed the total charges the student pays to the SSGPDP.
  • If the fee remission total exceeds the total program fee(s), the remission will be reduced accordingly.

Upon appointing a student in an SSGPDP as an ASE, immediately contact Senior Employment and Fellowships Analyst Sonia Lepe in the Graduate Division, at, or 949-824-8120, so that the appropriate remission is generated and posted to the student’s account.