Graduate Division

The UCI Story


President Lyndon B. Johnson visits the unfinished UCI grounds and dedicates the campus in front of 15,000 witnesses.


On Oct. 4, 1,589 students, 241 staff members, 119 faculty and 43 TAs show up for the first day of classes. While a few buildings were already completed, many others remained under construction, and students walked from class to lunch on dirt roads.

In November, UC Irvine officially chooses its mascot: the Anteater. Then came the official battle cry of UCI — “Zot!” — the noise that an anteater was imagined to make when attacking its prey.


In May, Daniel Aldrich is officially inaugurated as Chancellor of UC Irvine. He held this position for 22 years.

On June 25, UCI holds a commencement dinner for its first graduating class of 14 students, including three who received a master’s degree and one Ph.D. graduate.


UC Irvine introduces co-ed dorms to student housing.
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The campus’ student center, The University Center, opens.


Jack W. Peltason is named UC Irvine’s second chancellor. Before his appointment, Peltason served UCI as a member of the founding faculty and subsequently Dean of the College of Arts, Letters, and Science. In 1964, he was named UCI’s second Vice Chancellor of Academic affairs.


Laurel Wilkening is appointed UC Irvine’s third chancellor.


Frederick Reines (Physics) and F. Sherwood Rowland (Chemistry) receive UCI's first two Nobel Prizes.


Ralph Cicerone is appointed UC Irvine’s fourth chancellor. He would later become president of the National Academy of Sciences.


Irwin Rose (Chemistry) receives UCI’s third Nobel Prize.


Michael Drake is appointed UC Irvine’s fifth chancellor.


The Office of Research and Graduate Studies was divided into two separate units — the Graduate Division and the Office of Research. Carolyn Boyd is then named Graduate Dean.


UC Irvine opens the Graduate Resource Center (GRC), UCI’s first-ever service enterprise dedicated to the needs of graduate and professional students and postdoctoral scholars.


Frances Leslie is appointed Dean of the Graduate Division, after nearly two years as acting dean.