Graduate Division

Work-Life Balance

Opportunities abound for international students to meet new people, make friends and have fun! We strongly encourage you to lead a healthy and balanced life during your graduate career.  Many international students need assistance in finding outside activities that balance their academic and research demands. Please review the Health & Wellness page of our website.

Resources for socializing and work/life balance include: 

  • UCI's Graduate Resource Center
  • Clubs and Organizations – There are many clubs and organizations on campus to take  advantage of.  Many international students join clubs with students from their home countries, but it is important to expand horizons and explore all the organizations that interest you
  • UCI's Anteater Recreation Center -- The ARC is a great place to have fun, stay in shape and meet new friends with common interests
  • The Associated Graduate Students (AGS) and the AGS International Students Committee -- Offer special opportunities and services for international graduate students
  • On-campus Student Housing community programs -- Offer a variety of activities and programs designed to help you and family members relax and meet other graduate students.
  • Student Counseling Center
  • Health Education Center