Graduate Division

Improving Language Skills

Many new international graduate students have an interest in improving their English language skills.  English language proficiency will support your academic success, will help you secure a Teaching Assistantship (TA) or Research Assistantship (RA), and will help you connect with the UCI and Irvine communities more effectively. Make sure you are familiar with the English Language requirements for Teaching Assistantships. There are many resources available on campus to help you improve your communication skills.  These include:

  • The Humanities ESL Program offers classes in academic writing, reading and vocabulary development, pronunciation, conversation, and grammar.
  • The Graduate Resource Center offers individual writing tutorials, writing workshops, and the ESL/ELL grammar and language mechanics series.
  • The International Center offers English conversation and development programs.
  • University Extension international programs.
  • Student Housing communities may also provide English language workshops and programs.
  • Other tips:  Find a conversation partner; join a study group with American classmates; watch American TV and listen to the radio, join a campus club to meet students with common interests.