Graduate Division

Timeline for Preparation

Sophomore Year

  • Get involved in faculty mentored research
  • Research graduate programs
  • Attend graduate school fairs
  • Research extramural fellowships
  • Study for the GRE exam

Summer (Pre Senior Year)

  • Do a summer research program here at UCI or at another institution
  • Work on your statement of purpose and personal history statement
  • Take the GRE exam

Senior Year

  • Request three faculty letters of recommendation by early fall
  • Finalize your statement of purpose and personal history statement
  • Submit extramural funding applications during the fall
  • Submit your graduate application to UC Irvine! 

Tips for preparing your written statements

  • Ask one of your letter writers if they can review and provide suggestions for strengthening your Statement of Purpose.
  • Have someone edit your statements(s) for grammar and spelling errors before submitting your application.
  • Include in your statements why you chose to apply for graduate school and why you chose the graduate program for which you applying.
  • Describe not only your successes, but also any barriers that you have had to overcome.

General Tips

  • Start early and work on your graduate application the summer before you plan to apply.
  • Know the application deadlines for the programs you are applying to. They vary for each institution and program. Click here to view UCI’s graduate program deadlines.
  • Make sure all parts of your application have been received:
    • You can go here to see if the following has been submitted: at
      • GRE scores (if necessary)
      • Electronic letters of recommendation submitted
    • In order to verify that the following has been received, contact the program to which you applied:
      • Transcripts
      • Mailed in letters of recommendation

For information about graduate school at UC please visit: