Graduate Division

Admitted Students

Welcome to the University of California, Irvine! We are delighted that you’ve chosen to undertake your graduate work at UC Irvine and aim to provide you with a superior educational environment and experience.  The Graduate Division holds a campus-wide New Graduate Student Orientation each Fall to help new students become familiar with the expectations of graduate study and navigate the many services available to them. Information on the Orientation program is available here. Please see the checklists below for steps that you need to take following admission.



Admission notification is a two-step process. You will receive 1) a letter from the academic unit 2) an e-mail notification from the Graduate Division. You must receive both notifications to be officially admitted to UC Irvine.

Applicants who have already submitted their application can check their status on their application status page


If you cannot enroll for the quarter to which you were admitted, please contact your academic department to request a deferral. If the department approves the deferral, the department must notify the Graduate Division in writing by the second week of the quarter for which you are admitted. The deferral may be for a maximum of one year. Please note that deferral decisions are up to the academic program and are not guaranteed.