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Biomedical and Translational Science MS

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  • An interdisciplinary clinical research training program, specifically designed for junior faculty, fellows, 3rd year medical students or those with 2 years of clinical research experience
  • Prepares students for careers in clinical research
  • Trains clinical researchers to conduct, interpret, evaluate and apply basic clinical research knowledge to clinical medicine
    • provides training in the following core competencies
    • study design reflecting the breadth and complexity of clinical applications
    • critical appraisal of multidisciplinary research literature
    • conduct and management of clinical research
    • medical statistics
    • clinical research ethics
    • leadership of multidisciplinary research teams
  • Addresses clinical research questions in multi-disciplinary teams

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Multi-disciplinary faculty
  • Minimum of three (multi-disciplinary) mentor advisory committee for each student
  • 2 years normative time to degree includes one year of coursework, one year of mentored research
  • 1-year curriculum option designed for those with advanced clinical research experience
  • Serves as a dual-degree program for UCI medical students (MD/MS-BATS degree)
  • Financial Aid and travel awards for those who qualify
  • Courses offered on Thursdays and Saturdays to accommodate working professionals
  • Accepts 3 transfer courses from Clinical Research Certificate Program from UCI Division of Continuing Education
  • Program graduates have gone on to faculty appointments in centers of excellence, strong residency training programs and research positions in industry
  • Seminar series feature visiting professors and healthcare professionals in topic areas, students’ works in progress, UCI faculty works in progress
  • Provides needed flexibility to address needs of students at various levels of career development

Quick Facts

Program Type

Professional Master's Program

Normative Time to Degree

2 years

Capstone Type


Accordion Section

Admissions Requirements

Faculty evaluate applicants to the program on the basis of grades, previous course work, letters of recommendation, MCAT or GRE scores, and other relevant qualifications. All graduate students, including those from public health, nursing science, and pharmaceutical science are eligible to apply, but the program has a highly clinical focus and is specifically designed for those with a sufficient background in clinical sciences. Applicants should have successfully completed a BS degree or equivalent, and may be current medical students, residents, clinical fellows, faculty, or licensed physicians in the community.

Financial Support

We encourage you to learn more about the array of financial support resources, such as fellowship competitions open to incoming and current UCI students, and funding workshops and writing tutors available through the Graduate Resource CenterMaster’s students are typically self-supported but may be eligible for these resources.

For information on funding opportunities for international graduate students, read more here.

Click here to access the associated nomination and application deadlines for various fellowship opportunities.

Click here for a summary of funding eligibility for UCI graduate students who meet AB540 and/or DACA criteria.

MS-BATS program offers financial aid.  You must complete the FAFSA or Dream Act Application.

Tuition & Fees

MS-BATS Fees 2019-20 Fall 2019 Winter 2020 Spring 2020 Annual
Student Services Fee 376.00 376.00 376.00 1,128.00
Tuition 3,814.00 3,814.00 3,814.00 11,442.00
Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition 4,049.00 4,049.00 4,049.00 12,147.00
Assoc. Grad Students Fee 9.00 9.00 9.00 27.00
Student Center Fee 139.69 139.69 139.68 419.06
Bren Events Center Fee 23.00 23.00 23.00 69.00
Recreation Center Fee 88.00 88.00 88.00 264.00
Document Fee * 80.00 0.00 0.00 80.00
Student Health Insurance 1,459.18 1,459.18 1,459.18 4,377.54
Total California Resident $ 9,957.87 $ 9,957.87 $ 9,957.86 $ 29,953.60
Nonresident Supplemental Tuition 4,082.00 4,082.00 4,081.00 12,245.00
Total Nonresident $ 14,039.87 $ 14,039.87 $ 14,038.86 $ 42,198.60

Posted 17 July 2019:

The tuition, fees, and charges posted to your billing statement or account are estimates based on currently approved amounts. These figures may not be final. Actual tuition, fees, and charges are subject to change by the Regents of the University of California and could be affected by increases or reductions in State funding, or other developments. Accordingly, final approved levels (and thus your final balance due) may differ from the amounts shown.

* The Document Fee provides lifetime access to official transcripts and academic verifications without a fee for in-person pickup or delivery by USPS. In addition, there is no fee for mailing the initial diploma. Effective Fall 2018, new undergraduate, professional, and graduate students are assessed the one-time document fee. Eligible students are able to use financial aid to cover the Document Fee.