Graduate Division

Thesis Dissertation Paper Submission

All UCI graduate students that select the paper based option, submit their completed theses and dissertations to Special Collections and Archives. Students are responsible for submitting a manuscript that adheres to our manual. Degree candidates should carefully review all instructions and guidance on this website well in advance of the relevant submission deadline.

Special Collections and Archives staff review each manuscript and accept it upon approval, they also validate all necessary forms and submit them to the Graduate Division. Provided a student has met all other requirements, this is the final step prior to being awarded the graduate degree. Please note, Special Collections and Archives will not accept Master's thesis manuscripts and required forms unless the $55 Master's Thesis Submission fee has been paid at the Cashier's Office (Aldrich Hall 228) and the Master's Thesis/Signature Page has the payment stamp from the Cashier's Office.

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Andrea Bannigan
Student Affairs Officer
Graduate Division
120 Aldrich Hall
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