Graduate Division

Public Impact

In line with the University of California’s fundamental missions of teaching, research and public service, the UCI community of researchers conducts cutting-edge work aimed at improving or enriching the lives of Californians, as well as of national and global communities. Through its unique Public Impact Fellowship competition, the UC Irvine Graduate Division specifically highlights and supports doctoral students whose current research has the potential for substantial influence in the public sphere. The research overviews of our Public Impact Fellows to date may be accessed on the Public Impact Fellows page. They represent a wide range of disciplines and interests, such as:

Veronica Ahumada Newhart - Public Impact Distinguished Fellow

Education - Virtual inclusion via interactive technologies.

Sumner Norman - Public Impact Distinguished Fellow

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - Robot-assisted movement recovery after neurological injury.

Nicole Sherman - Public Impact Distinguished Fellow

Criminology, Law and Society - Problem-solving courts and methods of community-oriented corrections; mechanisms that contribute to desistance from crime.

Daniel E. Winkler - Public Impact Distinguished Fellow

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology - Evolutionary and environmental mechanisms promoting invasive species success in U.S. National Parks and protected areas.

Nitin Agarwal - Public Impact Fellow

Computer Science - Understanding the brain connectomics.

Marta De Bortoli - Public Impact Fellow

Civil Engineering - Performance Prediction Equations for Design and Assessment of Structures.

Adam Dunbar - Public Impact Fellow

Criminology, Law and Society - 
Evidence gathering and adjudicative processes, and the potential implications for racial disparities in the legal system.

M. Kate Gallagher - Public Impact Fellow

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology - Effects of experimental shifts in soil moisture and flowering phenology on plant-pollinator interactions.

Shiwei (Steve) Liu - Public Impact Fellow

Pharmacology & Toxicology - Importance of Kappa Opioid Receptors in Chronic Pain.

Natalie Pifer - Public Impact Fellow

Criminology, Law and Society - Managing the Mentally Ill in Los Angeles.

Sara Sameni - Public Impact Fellow

Biomedical Engineering - Developing biomarkers using advanced optical technology to study brain diseases.

Yanjun Sun - Public Impact Fellow

Anatomy & Neurobiology - Understanding neuronal circuit organization and function in the cerebral cortex in order to assess and treat circuits in the brain that are altered following disease or injury.

Ellen Wann - Public Impact Fellow

Neurobiology and Behavior - Characterizing spatial and temporal dynamics of neuronal activity after ischemic stroke and protection from stroke damage