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Recruitment and Retention Resources

The Graduate Division provides support to faculty and staff to improve graduate recruitment and retention, in addition to a range of administrative matters.  Here, you can learn more about these efforts and ongoing informational and training Workshops for Faculty and Staff. We also provide Workshops for Students to help improve student retention.

Outreach and Recruitment

Each fall the Graduate Division’s Outreach, Recruitment and Retention (ORR) team travels to national conferences, select campus-based recruitment fairs, and other universities, in order to target prospective students for our master’s and doctoral programs.  Our goal is to create a talented and diverse applicant pool for UC Irvine’s many academic advanced degree programs.  Many of our outreach and recruitment activities focus on diversity.  We partner and work closely with many nationally regarded graduate preparation programs on campuses across the country.  Our relationship with programs such as the McNair Scholars Program, Minority Biomedical Research Support, California Alliance for Minority Participation, and more, have proven to be valuable features of our recruitment initiatives.  Moreover, we aim to support you in your recruitment efforts.  Here’s how we can help:

  • Information request data – each fall, during our recruitment efforts, we gather and process nearly 1000 sets of contact information from interested students.  We send all of the prospective applicants information about our graduate programs and encourage them to apply for graduate studies at UCI. We forward all of this contact information to the academic units and encourage that the units outreach as well to these highly qualified students who are interested in hearing more about your program. 
  • Connections with minority serving conferences – during our fall recruitment, we attend national conferences that target minority students.  Often these conferences are looking for faculty judges to review the work of student presenters.  This is a great way to get connected to students in the pipeline who are active undergraduate researchers and are interested in hearing more about competitive programs such as ours.  We are always interested in hosting faculty at our booth who would like to do more hands on recruiting.  And, if you are not able to attend, send your materials with us and we are happy to do the recruiting for you! 
  • Connections with national graduate preparation programs – through a growing network of connections with many graduate preparation programs, we are in contact with a pool of highly qualified diversity students who are interested in UC Irvine for graduate school.  When possible, we link them to faculty in their program of interest.  Our goal is to better connect faculty with programs and students that share an interest.
  • Access to special recruitment initiatives – periodically, via the Graduate Division, UC Irvine is host to a major recruitment event.  We bring these events to campus to allow prospective students to directly access our faculty, the programs and our exciting campus. 
  • Consultations for special and improved recruitment plans – members of the ORR team are happy to meet with faculty and/or staff who are interested in stepping up a program- or department-based recruitment strategy.  We are able to provide guidance and tips, as well as reliable connections, all to help you develop a customized recruitment strategy.

For more information about outreach and recruitment, or to schedule a consultation contact: Daniel Fabrega, Coordinator for Graduate Recruitment and Student Affairs, 949-824-8730.


Retention and degree completion is a top priority for the Graduate Division.  Our retention goals are focused on providing resources for a healthy, well-balanced graduate student community.  Of equal importance, is ensuring that graduate students who attend UC Irvine leave with the degree they set their sights on achieving.  Graduate school can be a trying experience and through the Graduate Resource Center, we offer a range of student support services to help along the way.  We strongly encourage you to assist your students in using these services.

Support for Students Experiencing Academic or Personal Difficulty

For students who are experiencing academic difficulties, the Graduate Division has the Graduate Division Counselor, Nadia Ortiz, who supports graduate students and postdoctoral scholars with their academic journey. This includes:

  • Additional academic support
  • Time management skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Work/life balance
  • Life stressors affecting academics
  • Referrals to campus or community resources.

Students can contact Nadia at 949-824-0246, nortiz@uci.edu

Sometimes student cases require additional attention and consultation.  The Graduate Division works very closely with academic units and a broad campus support network to ensure that 1) faculty and staff who are working on student cases are informed of prevailing policy, and are following appropriate protocols in each case, and 2) that students are connected to the support services that will best aid them in getting back on track.   

As you proceed, you should follow these basic steps for student cases in need of additional attention:

  • Academic difficulty:
    • Be sure to follow policy for placing the student on academic probation and documenting interactions and notifications to the student.  The Graduate Division should always be notified when a student is placed on probation.
    • Follow-up with timelines, objectives and expectations outlined in the probation letter to ensure the student is meeting requirements.
    • Consult with the Graduate Division for additional guidance early in the process.
    • Refer the student to the Graduate Division Counselor.
  • Academic difficulty combined with concern for the student’s well-being:
    • Be sure to follow policy for placing the student on academic probation and documenting interactions and notifications to the student.  The Graduate Division should always be notified when a student is placed on probation.  While this may often seem like a difficult step to take, remember that policies and academic protocols have been put in place by the Graduate Council to protect the student and offer due process. 
    • Contact the Graduate Division for guidance and consultation. We will work as a hub for connection to additional layers of campus support and can guide you through the process of handling each student’s case. 
    • Your Graduate Division contact for this is: Ruth Quinnan, Director of Admissions and Academic Affairs, 949-824-5879

Finally, policies do change, and faculty in administrative positions and all graduate affairs staff are urged to stay current.  Moreover, knowing how policies apply to student cases that require additional attention can be confusing.  To help keep you up-to-date the Graduate Division provides training on policies, procedures and handling difficult cases

Recruitment and Retention