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Stroke of good fortune
Neurobiologist Christopher Lay receives $10,000 Public Impact Fellowship for ‘whisker work’
UCI fellowship winner working on device to expedite disease diagnosis, treatment
Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte, recent Ph.D. recipient in mechanical & aerospace engineering, won a fellowship to develop a cell-sorting device that will make blood tests quicker and cheaper.
Shane Stephens-Romero
White House Internship Program
Desiré Whitmore
Berkeley Postdoc designs next generation laser instruments
Oscar Gonzalez
Oscar is a research professor in the Department of Psychology at the Universidad Metropolitana (UMET) in San Juan, Puerto Rico, studying the combat-related emotions and psychosocial health of military personnel.
Menglu Yuan
Menglu Yuan
Cagan Berker
Engineering Alumnus Cagan Berker’s Poster Wins First Place