Faculty & Staff

The Faculty & Staff section of our website is intended to provide information, materials and guidance for faculty and academic unit staff responsible for graduate academic and student affairs. Administrative forms are available on the Forms Page. Be sure to read the Graduate Monthly Update for the latest news about UC Irvine's graduate community. If you'd like to contact a member of the Graduate Division team, please visit our Staff Directory. We're here to help you with your policy and administrative needs.

Graduate Monthly Update

The Graduate Monthly Update provides the latest news relevant to UCIrvine's graduate community, including academic policy updates, graduate funding opportunities, graduate education issues and other related events and initiatives.


Information for faculty and staff policies, practices and procedures related to Graduate Admissions.


The Academics pages within our website provide information on policies governing graduate education, the role of the program Graduate Advisor, mentoring, as well as procedures for developing, proposing, and implementing new graduate programs.

  • Policies: Academic Policy information for faculty and staff
  • Graduate Advisor: The role of the faculty Graduate Advisor for your graduate program
  • Mentoring: Mentoring is an essential component of graduate education. In general, good mentoring involves treating students respectfully and fairly, providing reliable academic and professional guidance, and serving as a role model for upholding the highest ethical standards. Mentors provide important support, guidance and advice to the mentee, and can be a critical link between graduate training and a successful academic or research career. The UCIrvine Graduate Division is committed to supporting our graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in establishing and maintaining mentor relationships.
  • Graduate Program Learning Outcomes: As part of a broader effort to ensure that our graduate programs are cutting edge in both content and form and to maximize student success, our campus is committed to developing and assessing Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) for all graduate programs.
  • Academic Program Development: The Academic Program Development section of our website provides information about the various types of graduate programs, types of funding models, policy relevant to developing new or modifying current programs, an introduction to our Graduate Academic Program Office, and information about the Graduate Growth Incentive Award (GgIA) program supporting development of new academic programs or initiatives to increase extramural support for graduate students. The mission of the Graduate Academic Programs Office is to support faculty in development and implementation of new graduate academic programs. This includes consultation on models for new academic programs; development of program proposals in preparation for review and approval by Graduate Council and CCGA; and implementation of new graduate programs.
  • Commencement information for graduating doctoral and M.F.A. students.


Information for faculty and staff on policies, procedures, and practices to ensure that eligible students are appointed correctly for Employment and, in the case of TAs, in compliance with the ASE Contract.

Graduate Student Funding

Information about various types of graduate student Funding, including internal and extramural fellowships, diversity fellowships, employment (teaching and research assistantships), and Federal Work Study.

  • The Graduate Growth Incentive Award (GgIA) program provides seed funding to faculty to assist in development of proposals for new extramural graduate funding, and for development of new graduate academic programs.
  • Federal Work Study Program: The Federal Work Study Program is administered by the Graduate Division to fund eligible graduate students appointed as GSRs or GSARs.

Bridge Funding

The Graduate Division continues to offer funds through the GSR Bridge Funding program to support students of Senate faculty who have a strong history of supporting Graduate Student Researchers. To be eligible for bridge funding, faculty must be actively and demonstrably seeking grant funding to support graduate students. Faculty applications for bridge funding are reviewed on a rolling basis. Additional information can be found here. Please contact Assistant Dean Court Crowther with any questions.


The Graduate Division is committed to increasing the diversity of UCIrvine's graduate population. The following resources are available to faculty and staff to facilitate outreach, recruitment, and retention of diverse students.


Through the Graduate Resource Center, we offer a variety of workshops for the campus community, including writing support; work-life balance; funding opportunities; professional development; social networking; extramural funding; and identifying and helping students who are in distress.

Graduate Policies & Procedures

The Graduate Advisor's Handbook has been updated, modified, and replaced by Graduate Policies & Procedures.