Academic Program Development

The Graduate Academic Programs Office is a central resource to facilitate the development and approval of new graduate degree programs. Anyone considering the creation of a new academic program should contact Kate Triglia, the Assistant Director of Academic Affairs, for a preliminary discussion of the process and to schedule a meeting with the Graduate Dean.

Proposal Process

Faculty who wish to develop new graduate degree programs are encouraged to work closely with the Graduate Division from the beginning of the proposal process. We can advise on how to create a proposal that will garner speedy review and approval.

The steps to develop a new graduate program are as follows:

Step 1: Preliminary Review

In order to streamline the proposal review process, all new graduate degree proposals begin with a preliminary review by the Graduate Division. Please contact the Assistant Director of Academic Affairs, Kate Triglia, to inform the Graduate Division of your plans and schedule a consultation with Dean Leslie.

Step 2: Choose a Structure for the Program

Those contemplating development of a new academic program should familiarize themselves with the various types of graduate programs offered by the University of California. To determine which structure works best for your needs, see Types of Graduate Programs

Step 3: Create the Proposal

All proposals must be written in the approved CCGA proposal format. Flowcharts of the campus and systemwide review and approval processes can be found here.

Step 4: Review Proposal Checklist

Before submitting your proposal, please review the Academic Senate's instructions for submitting a new degree proposal. A checklist of required forms and appendices can be found here.

Step 5: Submit your Proposal

Please email the complete program proposal and appendices to the Assistant Director of Academic Affairs, Kate Triglia and Graduate Council Analyst, Adriana Collins, in a single PDF file using the required CCGA proposal format.

Resources for Proposal Development

Proposals Currently Under Review