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Public Impact

In line with the University of California’s fundamental missions of teaching, research and public service, the UCI community of researchers conducts cutting-edge work aimed at improving or enriching the lives of Californians, as well as of national and global communities. Through its unique Public Impact Fellowship competition, the UC Irvine Graduate Division specifically highlights and supports doctoral students whose current research has the potential for substantial influence in the public sphere. The research overviews of our Public Impact Fellows to date may be accessed on the Public Impact Fellows page. They represent a wide range of disciplines and interests, such as:

Jennifer Wu - UCI Stanley Behrens Public Impact Fellow

Anatomy & Neurobiology - Cortical Connectivity Biomarkers and Predictors of Motor Learning and Motor Recovery After Stroke

Menglu Yuan - UCI Stanley Behrens Public Impact Fellow

Pharmacology – Sensitization of cocaine reward after adolescent nicotine or antidepressant exposure

Sally Geislar - UCI Distinguished Fellow

Planning, Policy, and Design – Understanding and leveraging social-psychological behavioral tools for household food scrap separation in municipal curbside organics collection programs

Mark Ocegueda - Public Impact Distinguished Fellow

History – A multi-faceted history on the city of San Bernardino’s Mexican community and their pursuit of civil rights from 1900 through 1960

Riccardo Cappa - Public Impact Distinguished Fellow

Civil Engineering – Development of a novel integrated framework that enables a performance evaluation of levees during seismic events, with an emphasis on the fragile Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta levee system

Janahan Arulmoli - Public Impact Fellow

Biomedical Engineering – Injectable Biomaterial Matrices for Neural Stem Cell Transplantation to Treat Central Nervous System Disorders

Jeremy Braithwaite - Public Impact Fellow

Criminology, Law and Society 
Research - Sexual Violence on the Tundra: Toward a Cultural Understanding of Rape in Rural Alaska

Stacy Calhoun - Public Impact Fellow

Criminology, Law and Society - Understanding why some mentally ill offenders do not adhere to their psychiatric treatment regimens and how that relates to their offending behaviors

George Chen - Public Impact Fellow

Microbiology and Molecular Genetics - Regulation of Wnt signaling in invasive colon cancer

Joshua Clark - Public Impact Fellow

Anthropology - International human rights framework for combating discrimination based on race, color, descent, and national or ethnic origin

Jiawen Li - Public Impact Fellow

Biomedical Engineering - Miniature integrated intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) optical coherence tomography (OCT) system and catheter for in vivo identification of high-risk heart attack patients

Sophia Lin - Public Impact Fellow

Chemical Engineering & Materials Science - Silica Structures for Enhanced Fluorescence Detection with Applications in Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Jessica Lauren Perez - Public Impact Fellow

Social Psychology - The provision of social services to marginalized groups, namely the homeless; bringing together various stakeholder groups, including the homeless, to improve the quality of and access to social services

AJ Purdy - Public Impact Fellow

Earth System Science - Evapotranspiration in California

Cathy Tran - Public Impact Fellow

Education - Designing for Productive Persistence in Education

Anaid Yerena - Public Impact Fellow

Planning, Policy, and Design - Advocacy in Action: Understanding the Influence of Advocacy Organizations on Local Affordable Housing Policy in the U.S.