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Friends Making a Difference

The UC Irvine Graduate Division has been fortunate to have generous partners and friends who are dedicated to graduate education and have not only donated generously through fellowships, but also inspire our graduate students to become future leaders.  They give something that is more powerful than money—they give their time and share their success stories to motivate students and encourage them to make a global impact.

"The idea behind the Public Impact Fellowship is to make a public impact for the community and nation as a whole and make big changes where we can." - Stanley Behrens, Chairman, The Stanley Behrens Foundation

Foundations of Leadership Series

The Foundations of Leadership distinguished speaker series connects graduate students and postdoctoral scholars with a range of leaders from corporations, nonprofits, government, and higher education. These leaders demonstrate the importance of expanded skill development and career planning to compete in the changing job market.

Graduate LEAD Fellowships

The Graduate LEAD Fellowship (Leading Edge Advancement with Distinction), will provide financial assistance to fund a specific student from within a cadre of highly selective individuals among a field of outstanding candidates. This program provides the university with the flexibility to respond to the immediate needs of recruiting top candidates nationally. The funds are used to enhance financial support packages of top admitted doctoral or M.F.A. students, who have received competitive admissions offers from other top universities, at a crucial time in the decision making process. Fellowships will be awarded by the Graduate Division on a competitive basis, following a call to the academic deans and directors for consideration of incoming applicants. To contribute to this cause contact Sandra Loughlin at

Public Impact Fellowships

Public Impact Fellowships highlight and support doctoral students whose current research has the potential for substantial impact in the public sphere. Ideal candidates will be involved in research designed to significantly improve or enrich the lives of Californians and/or national and global communities. To find out more, click here.

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